How to make a signature book for a girl communion?

How to make a signature book for a girl communion?

As you already know, the season of communions is approaching, and as usual in this type of celebrations there should be a signature book for communion where the guests can write their best wishes to the boy or girl who makes their first communion.

It is a very nice detail that the honoree will take as a souvenir, but if this book is made by hand with all the love, this detail becomes even more beautiful.

Therefore, a good idea is to make a communion signature book with scrapbooking papers.

As it is something that you request us a lot, we have prepared this tutorial for you to get down to work preparing the signature book for communion, I hope you like it.

Materials needed to make a communion signature book

  • Dayka communion scrap papers
  • Basics Brazzil paper
  • Hole punch and buttonhole setter
  • Pink ink docrafts
  • Folder
  • Tacky glue
  • White nylon lace
  • Laminated cardboard
  • Diamond glaze
  • Microcrystals
  • flowers
  • Eyelets

These materials for crafts should serve to guide you, but then you can adapt it to your tastes with other similar ones.

How to make a signature book for a girl communion?

Step by step tutorial to make your own signature book for communion

A book of signatures for communion is a unique memory, so take your time and do it with love.

Cover and back cover of a book of signatures for communion

1- We start with the front and back cover, and cut two pieces of laminated cardboard, one of 20 cm x 15 cm (the cover) and the other of 20.8 cm x 15 cm (back cover).

We take the cover and we are going to cut a 2.5 cm piece that will be the spine of the cover.

2- We are going to cover the front and back cover, for this we apply glue on the cardboard and glue it to the paper that we have chosen for the cover, we glue the spine to the side at a distance of 0.8 cm from the cover, which will be what we have put more to the back cover, cut the corners of the paper and glue the resulting 4 flaps with the help of a folder. We do the same with the back cover.

Decorate the cover with communion scrapbooking papers

3- For the decoration of the cover we have chosen several papers from on a new communion collection as a collage, once we have cut out the pieces of paper that we are going to put, we ink the edges and we glue the pieces of paper to our cover page. We wanted to decorate it with a lace, a communion doll and many paper flowers.

4- We also line the inside of the front and back cover with paper so that the cardboard is not seen, we apply glue to the paper previously cut to size and glue it.

Make the inside of a communion signature book

5- We go with the inner sheets, we can do it either with folios or with scrap paper in smooth or textured colors, because once we have all the sheets cut to the same size we are going to decorate them, with an edge punch in the form of lace. And with the pink ink we are going to ink all the edges.

You can also put a stamp on a corner that is not very big, you know that the important thing is that the dedications of the guests are seen.

Bow binding for a communion signature book

6- We start with the binding for this we are going to make 4 holes in the spine of the cover using a ruler so that the holes are well centered. Using the front cover as a guide, we also make the holes in the center sheets and the back cover.

We put silver colored eyelets to secure and strengthen the holes that we have made in the covers.

7- We are going to pass the white nylon lace through the holes (we put one end of the tape through the first hole and the other end through the second hole with another piece of lace we do the same through the third and fourth holes so we will go binding the entire album. To finish the binding, we make two loops with the ends of lace that we have left over.

Details and decoration of a signature book

8- To finish we wanted to add details to the doll’s dress with three-dimensional glue such as diamond glaze and we have put silver microcrystals.

Video tutorial signature book for girl’s communion

So that you can see it even more clearly we leave you the video tutorial to make your own signature book for communion.

It is sure to serve as an inspiration to make your own personalized communion album.

Where to buy communion scrapbooking papers?

You can find them in our craft supplies store, in the scrapbooking section, along with stickers, ornaments or silhouettes.

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