Scrapbooking: 10 basic tips to get started

Scrapbooking: 10 basic tips to get started

What is scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is a craft in which souvenir albums are created to preserve our experiences, through different decoration techniques. Another definition that I like is: “it is the art of creating memories. “

How about? Well, it is not the only question you will ask yourself. Another question is:  what would be essential to know to start scrapbooking?

I will dedicate this post to answer this question. If you already practice this hobby it will sound a lot to you, but if you are just starting out you will discover a new world.

I will give you details and tips that I have learned since 2007, in which I began to practice scrapbooking and that serve me today.


1. Organize your photos.

Photos are the most important part of this hobby and to speed up the search it is good that you keep an order in the support you use to store them, be it a computer, tablet or mobile. Create folders by naming them so you can easily find them.

2. Select the photos for your scrapbook project.

When considering making a scrapbooking album or mini album, do not hesitate to select those photos that tell your story. If you already have them organized you will have no problem when selecting them, because you will find them easily.

Photo selection is easier when creating projects that feature photos of a specific topic; as a Layout (LO) or mini album, but when creating 30 × 30 cm albums. our selection is from all the stories and situations of our life. So, the selection of photos is very important in our work as we create memories.

The themes are infinite, they can be photos of vacations or a specific trip, of your wedding, birthday, of an event that you want to capture, of a landscape, of some detail of your daily life …

3. Decide what base you will use to create your project.

This point is important because the size and shape that you will give to the base on which the photos will be placed depends on it.

You have album formats in which the structure is already prepared and you only have to decorate them, such as albums with transparent covers to store 30 × 30 cm pages. From now on, endless possibilities open up, both in ready-made structures and those you can create.

One of the projects that those of us who do scrapbooking really like are mini albums, because there is no limit to creativity. If you make the project from scratch, you will have to take into account which binding you will use.

4. Print the photos in advance.

Another important detail, once you have selected the photos according to the theme of your project and the basis you will use, is the print quality of the photos. Do not hesitate to print your photos in good quality, keep in mind that in less than 10 years some photos lose color and your memories will not be preserved in the best way over time.

The most important thing at this point is to already know the structure that you will make, and its size. You must be clear about the size of the photos you will use, so you will not be forced to cut them where it does not go well or reprint them.

If they are old photos that you have developed or printed and do not want to cut them, then point 3 will be first. This will create a structure that suits the size of your photos.

5. Basic materials for scrapbooking.

To start in this world, you need some materials both for the base and for the decoration of your projects. These are some of the basic materials most used in scrapbooking:

  • Stamped / smooth papers (basic)
  • Adhesives: liquid, double-sided and / or stick, etc.
  • Trims or ornaments.
  • Rule.
  • Pencil.
  • Eraser.

6. Basic tools for your scrapbook projects.

The tools will facilitate some of the tasks when creating your project, among some essential ones are:

  • Scissors.
  • Cutter (remember to use cutting base and metal ruler).
  • Hole puncher / riveter.

7. Select the roles.

This is one of the points that when you start practicing scrapbooking costs more. At first you will think: oh how beautiful this paper! I can’t cut it! I advise you to cut it and use it because you will acquire many more and that will be stored in a drawer.

To start you can choose collections of papers, since they have the same color range and are combinable with each other. And also the collections have ornaments and accessories that will facilitate the decoration.

8. Place the photos.

Now you have everything to start creating your scrapbook or scrapbook! You have selected and printed the photos, you have your base or structure selected, and the necessary materials and tools.

My advice would be to first place the photos without gluing them and organize them to your liking, or chronologically if it is on a theme such as travel, anniversary, first year of your life, etc.

Once you have decided how the photos will go, you can start practicing different basic decoration techniques that are used in scrapbooking.

9. Decorate your project.

In this hobby, scrapbooking, there are different embellishers or basic ornaments, among these are: stamps, buttons, brads (binders), rivets, fabric tapes, decorated adhesive tapes (wahi tapes), stickers, alphabets of different materials, etc.

All these embellishments will help you to personalize your albums or scrapbooking projects. As time goes by you will see which trims you like the most, you will learn new techniques and you will create your trims.

You will have a lot of fun! Spend some relaxing time creating your memories.

10. Store your projects.

If they are pages 30 × 30 cm. The best are albums with sleeves, in addition, many come in kraft color and you can customize their cover.

It is important that our works are well protected, since there are places that are more humid than others and this can influence the conservation of the albums over time.

And these are my 10 tips on scrapbooking. I hope I have helped you with these general guidelines on how to make your scrapbook projects and what things you should keep in mind.

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