Reasons Why You Should Start Your Scrapbook Today

Reasons Why You Should Start Your Scrapbook Today

There is a certain allure in looking at a colourful and wonderfully crafted scrapbook. I can remember those childhood memories when I tried to make a scrapbook for my collection of school friends photos from childhood to college. There is a feeling of creativity that made it fun in those days. The endless styles, patterns and themes people use to store their tangible collection of memories is an art form on its own. However, with the overwhelming influence of digital art, accompanied by social media, are there reasons why making a scrapbook is still important today? Is scrapbook making still fun to do today?

Surprisingly, there are many reasons, yet here are the five most important reasons you should start making your scrapbook today. 

A creative outlet for people

Photos, which are tangible representations of our fond memories in life, demands a proper place for its safekeeping. A scrapbook is one way of creating a customised holder of these precious memories for posterity. However, a scrapbook is a holder of memories and a way to showcase the creativity of scrapbook makers. It is a work of art and a labour of love, painstakingly pieced together to turn an ordinary photo album into a colourful book filled with your thoughts, expressions, and happiness. Despite the proliferation of social media such as Facebook, there is still a unique vibe about scrapbooks. 

Scrapbooks have a deeper connection with their owners and readers.

The significant difference between online storage for photos and a scrapbook is that you can physically hold a scrapbook and create an instant and deep connection. A scrapbook’s design comes from the actual emotions of the owner. Each design, artistic choice, and written prose or poem underneath a memorable photo is from the heart. 

A scrapbook is a record of one’s life, artfully made from different materials. The owners and readers of scrapbooks will appreciate not only the selection of memories you’ve recorded in photos but also the creativity as well. Every page of a scrapbook shows the inner side of its owner, creating a journey of emotions for everyone browsing through its pages. 

Having a scrapbook improves your creativity and also your photographer.

If you’re taking photos intended for scrapbooks, you become conscious of camera angles and shots. You want to take a picture that will fit the design you have in mind in your scrapbook. This added purpose when taking photographs will essentially make you a better photographer compared to just casually snapping out a picture out of the blue. You will be motivated to take photos and make sure each image is perfect for your special album. You can feel the improvement in your photography skills after a few passes in making scrapbooks. 

You will also learn how to take a photo with intention. In photography, every shot needs to have meaning, purpose and reason. For example, you want to make a page for your children; you will instinctively understand you need to find good angles to precisely etch that particular memory on film. 

Scrapbooks help you remember your memories better.

Scrapbooks work great in helping you save the feelings and emotions you felt when you’d taken the photo. A page with pasted photos alongside a short caption detailing your feelings will make you remember that moment even better. A small endearing letter under a picture of your newborn baby, a congratulatory remark beside a photo of your daughter’s graduation and a memorable quote underlining a fantastic family photo will live on in your scrapbook. People who will have the privilege to read your scrapbook will piece together your emotions during those moments. Like capable historians, people can recreate and relive the emotions surrounding each photographed event. 

Scrapbooks will make you a good storyteller.

A scrapbook is similar to a visual storybook, a unique way of retelling a story of one’s life. If you start a scrapbook, you will learn how to create mini-stories that will revolve around a particular photo. A picture is worth a thousand words, yet a picture alongside a thousand words is an unforgettable memory that will live on for the rest of your life. Despite the convenience and ease of posting photos into social media or save it images digitally on your computer or phone, nothing digital comes close to the real beauty of a well-made scrapbook.

Materials needed for making a simple scrapbook

If you plan to start your scrapbook, you need to list commonly used materials for this handicraft. You can find a list of scrapbook materials here



Of course, the most important part of a scrapbook is the images that you’ll use. These may be photos of your family, holiday, picturesque sights, or anything that has value and meaning to you.

Scrapbooking Tools

scrapbooking tools

If you’re going to dive into scrapbooking, you need to have all the right tools for the task. A kit composed of scissors, weeding tools, and precision craft tools is vital for this creative project. An art project is enjoyable to do when you have all the right tools at your disposal. 

Stickers, Stamps and Stamp pads

stickers and stamps

A lot of scrapbooks are studded with a generous amount of stickers, embellishments and stamps. They add to the uniqueness of scrapbooks and the level of flair that is unique to this kind of art project. Stamps and stickers are among the most popular item used for scrapbooking. 

The album and its refills 

album and refills

Finally, the next important part of a scrapbook is the album book itself. It is the container that will house all of your memories and all of your creative ideas. You can choose from many album designs, which can fit your style, preference and motif.

In the end, scrapbooking isn’t obsolete. Despite the overarching influence of digital and social media, this old school way of storing memories still holds its ground today. Scrapbooks are essential to people not because it is an interesting and unique way for presenting your photos. Still, it helps reveal your individuality and uniqueness in this world inundated with virtual and digital stuff. 

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