Tips for getting started in scrapbooking with paper

Tips for getting started in scrapbooking with paper

Have you ever heard of scrapbooking? Maybe you do not know it with that specific term, but definitely if you like to do crafts you must have some closeness to the concept: if you ever put together a photo album and decorated everything yourself by placing drawings, stickers, stamps, among other things Then without knowing it you have been doing what is popularly known today as “scrapbooking”. In today’s article we will tell you what this interesting creative discipline that is on the rise is about and above all we give you some useful tips to get you started in this world.

Tips for scrapbooking with paper

When we talk about scrapbooking we refer to a type of creative craft that aims to create photo albums using different decoration techniques. In some ways it is an artistic way of creating memories and memories that will remain forever in our hearts.

The scrapbooking paper is not only useful because it allows us to assemble photo albums totally customized and saved there our most intimate memories but also because it is ideal for creative people: you can apply so varied all kinds of creative techniques from painting, sewing, decoupage, collage, origami, among others. Are you interested in getting started in the art of “scraping”? Let’s look at some tips.

Organization is the key

Let’s remember that we are putting together a personalized photo album, so the first thing we must do in order to start with a scrapbooking project (especially if we are new to this) is to assemble and organize all the photographs that we are going to use so that later just put them in the right place.

Tips for getting started in scrapbooking with paper | Scrapbooking

Choosing the structure or base

What type of base are we going to use for our scrapbook album? This point is transcendental since through this we will also define the size that the project will have and therefore what type of decorative elements we can place later. Some prefer to buy ready-made album structures and others are more inclined to put everything together from scratch.

What materials do I need to get started? This is one of the most typical questions that arise when we want to start a new activity, and scrapbooking with paper is no exception at all. To start making a project with these characteristics we will need, above all else, stamped or smooth papers, adhesives of the type that we like the most, rulers, erasers, pencils and any ornament that we want to place in the project.

The basic tools for scrapbooking with paper

Finally, we can talk about the tools we will need to do this: hole puncher and a serger, as well as scissors and a cutter will be the most essential to start our scrapbook album with paper.

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